Better Chess in Ten Easy Lessons

Do you always seem to get blind-sided by your opponent? He (or she) always seems to hold a slight edge over you. It's because your opponent has a firm grasp of the fundamentals of chess - not just the rules, but the strategy and tactics that help chess players WIN!

Learn how to effectively use your queen. Know when and when NOT to castle. Use your bishops as an effective team. In this course we will tell you how to use forks and revealed attacks to the best advantage.

"Better Chess in Ten Easy Lessons" is designed with beginners in mind, adults and older children will be comfortable with the format and writing style (written by the author of the Chess Rules! website). Alright, it won't make you a Grand Master, but it is guaranteed to make you a better player or your money back.

Lessons include diagrams, sample games in the PGN format, with a PGN reader included, definitions, concepts and fundamental analysis. This is a fun way to learn better chess.

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